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Ukrainian Modern Art

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The results of a partnership of two companies: American company “Fenix LLC”, Alaska and Ukrainian company “Artsmart LLC”. The company’s employees are professionals who worked in this field for a long. In Amazing Shop represented exclusive samples of modern Russian and Ukrainian artistry. The collection we represent in 100% possession of our enterprise. The first part of the collection is situated in the USA, the second – in Ukraine.

We’re always dreamed to create a community of sincere art-lovers around my site and try to be useful for them, and happy to gather such a community to share our interests and to help you to find desired art-pieces. Sure that is our business that is the reason we so glad when you purchase artworks.

For risk-free purchasing, collectors are allowed to examine any piece for 30 days, free of charge (Amazing Shop even pays shipping and handling charges). If not satisfied, collectors may return the piece within the 30-day evaluation period, no questions asked.

We are looking for serious Art dealers worldwide:

Looking for exclusive Art which should correspond to your specific needs?

For a gift, for your collection, for sale, for design purposes, or other something?

We offer:

* painting (oil, acryl, watercolor, tempera);
* tapestries and batik;
* sculpture (bronze, glass, stone, wood);
* ceramics

We will prepare a collection according to your demands (style, artist, size, etc) and deliver it to you! Request our FREE catalog on CD-ROM The highest quality, rapid shipment, and full satisfaction of a customer are the basic principles of our work.

Please, do not hesitate to ask us any questions concerning paintings and sculptures represented at our site. We will be happy to answer any of your questions, to tell you about any artist, about any painting or sculpture.

Welcome to the Russian Art World!

Our Gallery presents the works of the finest contemporary Russian artists for Lovers of True Art from all over the world! Their works include original paintings, sculpture, batik, and tapestry. We are proud to offer you these artworks. Pieces are available for immediate shipment worldwide.

Answer the following question correctly and WIN A PRIZE – Work of Art!

Have a nice tour, good shopping and please come back and see our collection soon. Painting (oil, acrylic) – these exceptionally high-quality artworks are real masterpieces! Painting (watercolor)- tender colors give you a real feeling of its essence. Sculpture – we are glad to offer you some of the finest bronze figures and statues. Batik – it would be impossible to look at batik remaining indifferent to the many colors, patterns, and actual smell of batik. Tapestry – looking at the tapestry you’re involving in the music of Nature. Tapestries provide slide presentations about the beauty of our land.

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