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The Financial Newsletter Network features a “Stock of the Day” each trading day, posted by the opening bell. The stock will be chosen by our editors from an FNN member’s current issue.“Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is an oil/gas exploration and production company, with 3.00 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) of the proven reserve. The company operates in Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Anadarko Petroleum acquired Kerr-McGee and Western Gas Resources and is being sought after itself due to its cheap assets. The big holder in the company is Carl Icahn with a stake. Volatile. Buying range: Near-term objective: Intermediate-objective: .” Joseph Parnes.Welcome to The Financial Newsletter Network, the world’s leading online source of information on the financial newsletter industry. There are thousands of financial newsletters currently published. The newsletters included in this network are the cream of the crop.

Adrian Day is a British-

born writer and money manager who made a name for himself searching out unusual opportunities around the world. Mr. Day was a pioneer in this country promoting the benefits of global investing, with two books on the subject. He graduated from the London School of Economics. Mr. Day is also president of a money management firm, Global Strategic Management, where he specializes in global diversification and gold equities for clients.  He is editor of a premium fax/e-mail service called Adrian Day’s Global Analyst, a premium service sent by fax or e-mail, as and when market conditions dictate.

The service includes

Regular market analysis: Concise and valuable analysis on the markets, with an emphasis on topics of special interest to investors Specific stock recommendations: A key is a small number of rigorously researched recommendations, each with extraordinary potential.  These include both long-term selections and traders’ picks, both large-cap and small-cap, domestic and foreign.

Specific advice and regular follow-ups: When I make a recommendation, I always tell you how much to pay, and when to buy. I describe the risks as well as the potential. I tell you what we expect and what could go wrong. Beyond that–once a recommendation is made, I won’t let go of it until we’ve sold it. I follow it for you, tell you the important news, explain movements in the stock price, and constantly stay on top of it until we sell. And our sales, like our buys, are never ambiguous, but always clear advice to sell at a specific price.

Subscription Information

A subscription to Global Analyst is normally $990 for one year. But now, we can offer you the service for a limited time only at an introductory price of just $490, a modest price if we find just one or two great investments over the course of a subscription.

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