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A Monitor Full HD Led Technology a TV Tuner TNT HD

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A monitor / TV Full HD 23-inch LED technology, A monitor Full HD LED technology, a TV tuner TNT HD … here is the new hybrid display XL2370HD Samsung.

Already seen in November 2009, the series of monitors XL70, previously represented by the SyncMaster XL2370, has now added two new members of 21.5 and 23 inches respectively and appointed XL2270HD XL2370HD.

A camera, two functions

Equally elegant than their older ones, these two models are now hybrid devices that combine the functions of the monitor and TV. But the addition of a digital TV tuner to receive HD DTT is not the only change.

The LED technology and a little something extra

Apart from the fact that the screen always has the benefits of LED technology to display aA full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels 16 / 9, it is always fast and contrasted with a time of 2ms response and a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000: 1, the SyncMaster XL2370 has undergone major changes, for the most beneficial.

Revamped through catch

Namely that, like his younger XL2270HD 21.5 inches (55 cm), XL2370HD 23 inches (58 cm) now includes the power supply and, as it also incorporates a TV system stereo audio as well as extensive connectivity. Which account the composite video inputs, SCART and component YUV, in addition to the usual VGA, DVI, and HDMI. The manufacturer has even expanded the audio section of stereo analog inputs and digital optical. And uploaded the logical outlet for the inevitable TV antenna.

Elegance even in imperfection

However, like his predecessor, suffered a XL2370HD ergonomics – though improved – still quite austere in its entirety: the foot that allows vertical tilt of the slab and the visual field is only 160 ° vertical and 170 ° horizontal, which is very average. Fortunately, thanks to LED technology, this XL2370HD enjoys a thin shell of only 6.5 cm thick, which gives it a pleasant appearance (frame and foot transparent keypad touch-sensitive lights, etc..).

Powerful and efficient both

For the rest, however, the SyncMaster XL2370HD becomes all there is more classic. With bonus, comfort can make all the settings in simpler and more enjoyable with the infrared remote. Finally, point out finally that, like its counterpart single monitor, this hybrid technology also benefits the manufacturer regarding energy savings. The fuel consumption is about 38 watts in normal operation and a little less than 2 watts in standby mode.

Already available, the SyncMaster XL2370HD displays a price of around 460 $, three-year warranty on-site included.

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