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Sony Bravia Lcd Tvs the Spring 2009 Collection Was Unveiled

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After the TV green (WE5), Sony returned to the charge with five new Bravia series focusing on multimedia functions.

The W5500 series is one of the sure values of the new Bravia series of spring 2009. It will be declined in five screen sizes (32, 37, 40, 46, and 52 inches) with a fairly standard design (black lacquered finish), but a ton of new features. The media is obviously in line with the first Applicast function, which allows access to certain online services and various pre-installed widgets (calculator, alarm, world clock, photo sharing, calendar, user guide, etc..). For now, opportunities are relatively limited, but Sony has promised to open Applicast to new content during the year.

To take advantage, it must clearly connect the TV box to the Ethernet or ADSL network. It also allows access also to all audio files, photos,s, and videos stored on the computer or a NAS drive. All models in this series are indeed W5500 DLNA certified and therefore designed to play media players. Sony has also added to the device through a USB port that allows, too, playing videos, photos, and music stored on a USB key or external hard drive. Practice.

The slab is obviously Full HD 1080p, 24p True Cinema is now the TNT HD is integrated, and the five models exploit the latest video processing Bravia Engine 3, with its many modes to optimize color and contrast. Among them, the Advanced Contrast Enhancer, which enhances the intensity of black and playback quality of dark scenes. For fans, the Motionflow 100 Hz mode is also back, and the Live Color. In short, everything is done to provide images that “fart”.

Sony has not forgotten to include also this series a few options under ecological as ambient light sensor and system power management and the backlight, just to melt the electricity bill of a few bux on the year. Finally, the connection has not been abandoned, since it has four HDMI 1.3, VGA input, two Scart inputs, and all audio-video analog necessary. The marketing of these televisions start in late March, the price of ~1,450.00 USD (for the 32-inch), ~1,600.00 USD(37 inches),~ 1,900.00 USD (40 inches), ~2,350.00 USD (46 inches) and ~2,900.00 USD (52 inches).

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