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Buying Guitar Plans

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Have you ever thought about building your own guitar? The most important call that you will make is what guitar plans to use. The plans that you use are way more important than the wood you select, the building methods you employ, and the other materials you decide to use. Why? Because your guitar plans give you the starting point for your whole project. All the other aspects of building your guitar are crucial too, but the plans you select will be prepared the ground for everything else you do.

So what do you have to look for in a good set of guitar building plans? Here are merely a few items to assist as you choose:

1. The guitar plans you choose should be full-sized plans and should be drawn to scale. Ideally, your plans will have been designed in a pro CAD system.

2. Your guitar plans should be highly well-illustrated and ought to include building instructions and concepts. The more information your plans provide, the better.

3. Dimensions are crucial! Not only do you want a set of guitar plans where the dimensions are correct, but you also need them in the format that you prefer to use. Plans that provide all dimensions in both millimeters and inches/fractional inches are preferable.

4. Look for guitar plans that include side templates. These are not required for building a guitar, but they will make the process a complete bunch less complicated. A side template will allow you to save hours of time second-guessing the contour of your sides. It also allows for the repeatability of your guitars should you choose to build them again!

5. The internet is a great place to buy guitar plans but always make sure you are doing business with a reputable company. They should have contact information listed on their page and resolve any questions you have in a timely manner before making your purchase.

Use these pointers when selecting your guitar plans and the rest of the building process will be much easier and more pleasurable!

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