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Deliver Customized Entertainment

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The Music Business has entertained at thousands of weddings, anniversaries, parties, and other events since 1977. The trademark of The Music Business is the ability to make the event about you. By using professional radio disc  jockeys and carefully planning the details of the day, The Music Business will deliver customized entertainment that is truly special.

Welcome to SDJ’s official website. Founded in Cincinnati, OH in 1982 by Dennis Bouldin and James Blair. We also like to thank our brother Steve Jones for being a part of SDJ’s beginnings. Dennis started his music career at the age of twelve when he began playing various instruments in the school orchestra and continued his whole life and graduated from Chicago’s conservatory of music and playing with recording artist Greg Jackson from Zapp!, The Deal and Stacy “The Blues Doctor James Blair started his music career at the age of twenty-two he attended University of UC music school, he has also sang in various male chorus lead and background vocals and co writer of SDJ. ! SDJ had performed in numerous venues including:


The Music Business provides professional on-air disc jockeys that have experience hosting all types of events. We know how to get a crowd dancing by gearing  the music selections to your audience and reading the crowd’s mood – without becoming the center of attention ourselves. You are the star of your party. Our job is to provide the musical atmosphere that will get you and your guests up and dancing. The Music Business designs each event individually. We do not work from a standard playlist. Our DJs are well versed in all musical styles and we offer selections from the 1920s through the present: big bands, country western,

classic hits, oldies, soft rock, hard rock, hip-hop, disco, classical, jazz, rap, reggae, pop and top 40. Before your event, we’ll discuss your music preferences, plan our selections accordingly and be ready to accommodate a wide range of requests within the scope of your music choices – as well as a few finishing touches with you in mind. You’ll make the final arrangements with the specific DJ who will entertain at your event. We offer competitive prices with options to meet your needs. We charge a flat rate, agreed upon in advance, that includes a professional radio disc jockey and everything from travel time to clean-up – no last minute add-ons or worries. Call us now to begin planning your event!

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