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Advantages and Disadvantages of Optical Digital in the Theater Industry

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Ray digital is an optical fiber cable that can be revived with one cable, whether it is stereo or 5.1ch. The advantage of analog, ultra-high-end audio, produces a sound that is closer to the original sound than digital. There is no word “quantization, atrophy” in the analog script, perfect original sound resuscitation, high compatibility, just contact me. The SE-200PCI sells good analog resuscitation products, so you can expect a lot. VLSC is a patented technique that is extremely resistant to noise.

Disadvantages of analog, weak against noise. The sound quality of cheap audio is very poor. The case is a crude active speaker that is not made by an audio manufacturer.

The advantage of optical communication digital, even cheap audio, makes a decent sound. Cases are fooled by advertising complaints about shipping digital amplifiers, such as crude components. It is resistant to noise, but the sound quality is converted just by exchanging the code.

The disadvantages of ray digital, quantization, and atrophy, make it a little far from the original sound. Rest assured that it is a level that can only be discriminated against by insects. Resuscitation is not possible unless the output device and input device support each other’s formats (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc.). Bending the cord creates a rebellion. If you bend it too much, the cord will be damaged.

I think it depends on the specifications of the manufacturer that can be contacted by a ray cable. Also, the circumstances of mutual communication. If you follow the cultivated blue history further, I think it will become clearer, but the ray-linked equipment is a skill these days, and the situation is changing steadily even now.

I think that the products sold by the manufacturers in line with this are also inconsistent with the cultivation of many areas, and these adoption standards are also different. Also, regarding the transmission gap, for the time being, those who have specified the scale as shown in the list, because the cable is in contact with the equipment.

Depending on the equipment, reports of equipment that can produce performances that go around the scale are also announced at the height of the WEB, so I think that you should read that miscellaneous news in detail.

Generally, single-mode is for long distances. Multi-mode seems to be used for short distances. The longer the distance, the more the ray cable was introduced from ancient times, so there are many singles, but there is also a reason that it was used in a society that people do not know in general.

In recent years, thanks to the increasing use for local networks and home use, the variety of cables has increased, and most of the multi-cables have come to be seen. The reason is that the multi-mode is suitable for finer data forwarding when there are many bends in the light beam. Single-mode is suitable for long distances because it flies farther when there are few bends in the light beam.

So this is in the miscellaneous news. Also, the thicker the core, the longer the distance. Comparing the ray fiber used for home use and the ray fiber used in the WAN side facility, the core of the cable for home use is as thin as a needle, while the core used on the WAN side is, As thick as a pencil lead.

Just looking for the words of the question will hit a huge amount of information. If you’re curious enough to ask such a detailed question, first try to find your own. Thanks to you, it wasn’t the skill of the old days to put together such a huge amount of information in an easy-to-understand manner, so everyone is in a position to investigate by themselves.

In ancient times, there was less information, and there were hours when there was the only information available in English on sites in other countries.

Since there were only people from other countries who could use the ray cable, most of the guidebooks were in English, and most of the products from other countries are still being introduced.

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