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Corporate Group Involved in Cable-related Technology for Room Theater

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Purely, you have to connect the light cable of the utility pole to the light cable from the room. The technical answer is the piping from the place where the telephone lines are attached (called MDF) to the utility pole. Piping from this MDF to your place of residence (3rd floor).

I haven’t been able to confirm a part of this, so I think it’s the content that you should consider the possibility of NG. Utility pole → piping → warehouse MDF → piping → 2nd-floor relay station → piping → 3rd-floor relay station → piping → room.

Apparently, it seems to be such an assembly, so part of the part other than the mark is currently “unconfirmed”. If it’s an apartment, you don’t need to worry too much. However, the person in charge of construction also has a problem of blame, so I think that there was a fact that I could not say “absolutely OK!”. By the way, when it turns out that some piping is not really usable, it will be pulled directly from the outside (air conditioner duct or dent expired). However, if it is on the 3rd floor, there is a high possibility that it will be NG due to the height problem, and it seems to be a little strict because it will be necessary even if the jurisdiction association and the owner allow it.

If you write it in the same way as before, it is a telephone pole → suddenly the room’s Ultra C. For this reason, it is necessary to open a recess in the air conditioner or a new recess. There are also some requirements such as crawling on the outer wall of the apartment.

Excuse me for the numbers, but if it’s an apartment instead of an apartment, there’s no problem with 80%. It’s okay to think of it as the nuance of the road you’re looking for. It does not negate Olasonic, and there is no doubt that the planning and production skills are quite high. However, it would be terrible to compare with the products of Sensitive Island.

Speakers are a low-tech area where the basic principles have not changed for more than 100 years. Since the actual unit production requires the skill of an assembly craftsman for wiring and adhesion, the number of factories that produce it is currently limited. In terms of the number of units produced by Japanese public enterprises at present, Foster is by far the best. The brand to sell is Fostex.

Ideally, the speaker should clearly change the electrical signal into a sound, but in reality, there is also a horizontal side like a musical instrument, so the sound really changes depending on what you change. In an era when the noise changed, it would be good if the noise changed to the one you like, but if you change the direction of the noise you don’t like, you will be disappointed. In the spec spelling from the actual measurement, the front white direction of such noise is Wakaranai, which is also as entertaining as audio.

“Is the sound better than the current speaker? Or are there any other good items? It’s difficult because the listeners and individuals are sensitive. Towa Denshi, I don’t want to criticize it, but it seems that it is mainly a PC audio system and is not an essential audio maker/brand from the past. Originally, it seems to be a company that regularly creates basic plans.

There is no doubt that things are quite expensive in the technical field, but I think that it is not in the range of “sensitivity of seconds to enjoy music” in the direction of non-tempered measuring instruments. Krypton is a brand in which the people who finished Victor’s SX-3 became the centerpiece, and the main part was that the sound that was really revived could not be determined by the measuring instrument. In addition to that profit, the profit of making a serious creation from the past aiming for a good noise without emphasizing the CP ratio, the price is inevitable. Even so, with regard to PC speakers, the price assumption was that the company prioritized things that would be released and the brand name would spread rather than profit.

Currently, ONKYO is mainly used for PC audio and low-priced common audio, but in the age when it was written as sound, along with Victor who founded Krypton, high-class audio makers, especially in the area of ​​the speaker making techniques and amplifiers. It was a well-known company.

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