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Residential Painting Smoky Mountain

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Smoky Mountain Painting cares about the beauty of your home. Because of this, we adhere to the industry’s highest standards regarding the painting of your home. We only use high-quality products and apply them under conditions dictated by the manufacturer’s specifications. Below you will find the steps we employ to guarantee an attractive and long-lasting product.


Smoky Mountain Painting arrives at your home prior to the commencement of painting or staining to wash your house or chalet. This is done to rid all surfaces of dirt and other contaminants that will impair product adhesion. We do not use power washing as a means of ridding your home of all loose paint (although some inevitably will occur). Beware the person who tells you the powerwash will take off all the loose paint – especially on wood and hardboard. A powerwasher improperly used will degrade your wood siding by raising the grain or ripping gouges out of your siding.


Many complaints about the painting industry center on the fact that paint is often deposited on areas where it does not belong (e.g., decks, shingles, driveways, etc.) At Smoky Mountain Painting, before we even begin prepping your home, we remove items as necessary and cover other items with plastic/tarps to prevent paint drips or overspray from marring their beauty.

Thus, you not only have a fine paint job, but the unpainted extraneous features of your home retain their natural unpainted beauty.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is vital for the long-term adhesion of your topcoat of paint or stain. This step involves many duties and each house is different. This step includes caulking around windows and doors, as well as seams where moisture penetration could cause damage, glazing or puttying windows, scraping off loose paint, sanding, and priming/sealing. You can be assured that your home will receive the necessary preparation to guarantee that the exterior of your home will retain its beauty for a long, long time.


Smoky Mountain Painting only uses top-line paints and stains from trusted manufacturers. We apply products with airless sprayers, brushes, and rollers. Only properly trained and experienced personnel operate spray equipment.

Cabin / Log Home Staining

Smoky Mountain Painting specializes in log home staining, sealing, and maintenance. Maintaining a good exterior finish on your log home is essential in preserving its beauty. At Smoky Mountain Painting we recommend two products for your log home or log-sided cabin. We recommend Sikkens Products and also Perma-Chink as the two top choices for maintaining a great finish on your log home for years to come. While there are other good stains and sealants on the market today as well, we believe these two products are superior.


We leave the job site in the same condition as we found it. Except for your gleaming, professionally painted home.

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