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It Is All About Options and Points for You and Your TV Selection

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 Yamaha BD-S1067: a Blu-ray full 3D Ready

Presented at the last IFA in Berlin, the universal player Yamaha BD-S1067 opens a new series of Blu-ray decks with 3D Ready Certification Plus HD DivX.

Available recently, the Blu-ray Samsung BD-S1067 is extremely comprehensive. 3D Ready, she is able to receive media formats as diverse as they board. The model shows rather solid without being too bulky. It has a neat fit for the brand with an aluminum front.

A universal player 3D Ready

The Yamaha BD-S1067 platinum constitutes what is known as a universal player. She means that is open to a wide range of media (CD, DVD, Super Audio CD Blu. ray 2D, and 3D …) just as well as a variety of formats and varied (Jpeg, WMA, WMV, etc. … ). Compatible with 3D technology, the BD-S1067 features the DivX Certified Plus HD. This means that the device manages the MKV container 24p but also the compression format or H264 are DTS-D, Dolby TrueHD, AAC, or MP3 Surround …

BD-Live and connector complete

Moreover, the reader is a Yamaha model BD Profile 2.0 compatible DLNA 1.5. It can access BD-Live and integrated online services, including the data stored on media devices nearby. The model has two USB Host ports, an Ethernet port as well as CEC HDMI 1.4 (which supports 3D, Deep Color, Upscaling function, and signal 1080p/24Hz), YUV, Composite, Coaxial, Optical, RCA, and analog 7.1! It also notes that the player BD-S1067 offers a bonus of a Pure Direct mode that sends the message directly to the audio decoding amp or without prior treatment.

Three references make up the new range of LED TVs LG LE4500 presented on the IFA in Berlin.

A new HDTV range

Not easy to update to the amount of news presented by manufacturers of televisions! In 32, 37, or 42 inches, is a new model HDTV 1080p LG Electronics has introduced the latest IFA appliances and high-tech in Berlin. The range appears finely finished LE4500 (4cm thickness only) and offers handy features.
LED backlight and light sensor

Whether the LG 32LE4500 (32 inches or 82 inches diagonally), the LG 37LE4500 (37 inches or 94 cm), or the LG 42LE4500 (42 inches or 107 cm), each TV has a 1080p HDTV system Edge LED backlight. This does not fail to add charm to the device’s reduced thickness. A pleasant appearance strengthened inter alia by the ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen while you watch TV.

Belle connectivity

HDTV TVs LG LE4500 show themselves rather well equipped as evidenced by the presence of four HDMI 1.3 inputs (one side). A YUV, another Sub-D15, two Composite, RCA input, optical audio output, USB 2.0 Host, one Ethernet port, and a headphone jack CI strengthen a bit more connectivity of LG TVs. Moreover, the models each have an MKV container and are compatible with MP3, DivX but also JPEG. Each TV LG LE4500 shipped Technology Smart Energy Saving Plus that reduces energy consumption and is compatible with Channel Ready. Finally, note the possibility of adopting the optional Media Box, a box that connects to the TV all the devices in your environment. 390 USD count for this addition anyway, From 780 USD

LED HDTV TVs LG LE4500 are available now with respective rates of 780, 980, and 1180 USD depending on the chosen diagonal screen.

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