You Can Also Choose the Bake Pops on TV


Bake Pops is one of that As Seen on TV product that not only is in the middle of its popularity but will no doubt be a top-seller for a long time.

I started seeing this type of product in coffee shops and also at my niece and nephew’s birthday party. Imagine a giant sucker that has a bite-sized amount of cake instead of hard candy on top. My niece and nephew actually request these from the baker and love them. I have loved them because it doesn’t allow you to overeat birthday cake.

Having almost ruined a couple of previous baking products, I actually read the directions. To have a more dense cake, they suggest adding an egg, subbing water for milk, and adding dry pudding mix. I did each of those steps… and boy was I happy I did! After getting that ready, I prepped the product.

Bake Pops is a two-piece cake form. The bottom holds the cake mix, and the top helps form the pop. It also comes with two yellow “clasps” that hold the two together as it bakes. There is a relief hole on the top form to allow for over-filling. (The cake batter will push out as it rises to ensure you have a perfect ball.) It also comes with 18 sticks.

First off, I used the suggested “baking spray with flour” on the pans. That was one of the key suggestions. Because I followed directions and made the mix extra thick, it was impossible to pour.

I had to scoop the batter into the Bake Pop form and manipulate it a bit to make sure it stayed in. After it baked, I noticed that I had over-filled a couple of the forms as some of the cake mix had indeed baked over. It was super easy to scrape off.

I melted some almond bark for frosting, but got impatient. The smells were too good. And, I had tasted some of the scraps from the overflow, so I didn’t allow the frosting to set. After plunging one of the sticks into the Bake Pop cake ball, I tested it out. It was incredible and always remembers my whole life.

Overall, I am stoked about this product. We are going to use it for my son’s birthday party coming up. It is SO easy to use and works like a charm. Plus, it forces portion control. I like that!

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