What do you learn in a clarinet lesson?


Clarinet is a woodwind instrument, it has a single-reed mouthpiece with an almost cylindrical bore, and a flared bell. Its warm tone is suited to a variety of musical styles, like classical and jazz. 

If you are planning to take clarinet lessons then here is what you can expect out of it. 


Your teacher will introduce you to the instrument and make you familiar with different parts of the instrument. Once you are aware with the instrument then your instructor will get to know you and your goals and aspirations. He will then plan a curriculum which is comfortable for you. 

Assembling and Disassembling the clarinet 

Assembling a clarinet can be a complicated task since there are multiple parts to assemble. Before you can start playing the instrument you need to know how to assemble it and hold it. Clarinet lessons teach you the correct technique of holding the clarinet and handling the pieces required for its assembly. You will also learn how to carefully disassemble the clarinet and put it back in the case. This is an essential step which every clarinet instructor involves in his lessons. 

Correcting Posture

To play any instrument you need to have excellent posture. You cannot have a slouching or a lazy posture while playing a clarinet. Your instructor will correct your posture and give you tips on how to have a better posture. Not only does it make you look good while playing clarinet, it also makes your spine healthy. 

Making sounds

Your instructor will then teach you how to focus on the mouthpiece and how to soften the reed. You will also learn how to use a ligature to hold your reed against your mouthpiece. Once you are familiar with the basics, the next step is to produce a sound. Mostly students are able to make a sound in the very first lesson itself and then the instructor moves on to refining and developing their skills. 

Learning Notes 

After you are able to produce a consistent tone, the next step is to learn the musical notes. As you learn different notes, your instructor will make you memorize different finger patterns and help you to recognize notes in a musical notation. You will be given some exercises to practice which will help you with all this. Hand postures, releasing tension from hands and how to cover the holes completely in the instrument, all will be taught to you in a clarinet lesson

Playing Music 

As you advance with your lessons, you will be able to play tunes on your clarinet. It is difficult to play full songs on a clarinet right away, but with consistent practice you will get there. Complexity and length of the songs will increase gradually with regular practice. 

This is the entire process that you through when you take up clarinet lessons. So, if you want to learn the clarinet properly, then I would suggest to take clarinet lessons as they teach you the basics first and then work their way up to the professional level.  

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