We Introduce You to the Team of Blogueros TV


Looking through old posts, we have realized that we have made a huge mistake … We have not introduced you in detail to the members of the TV team at any time! The truth is that officially we are four, but if we had to put all those who at some point have thrown us a cable so that everything turned out well, we would not have a place or in all the blogs in the world.

So first of all, thank you very much everyone; To you, those who follow us from the other side of the screen, to the bloggers, who after all are the protagonists of this adventure, and to all the hands and help that have accompanied us on time (Paula, Manu, Danni, puce Lana family, etc.). There are many of you and we are delighted that you are part of our team!

That said we go for the four cats (and never better said).


Journalist Winner of reading tongue twisters could work in pharmacy ads. She’s the redhead on the team. So red-haired that it is very difficult to go through Gran Via and they do not speak to her in English offering the Iberian ham and the most ‘typical Spanish’ wine. She is the girl of the challenges and tests all our articles while taking photos with her Chinese mobile to burn Instagram and social networks.


Mounting a little here and a little there she invented labels, and if she doesn’t have everything organized, she goes crazy. If you see that in the image of the chapter there is a vase in the middle of the plan, it was not there by chance: SHE has strategically placed it to “dress the plan”. In brief they will give him a Guinness Record for appearing as a helper in all the chapters of boleros TV, in which he also comes out to “dress the plane”.


He is the king of the microphone. The thinking head of Boleros TV and the other 300 projects he has in mind a fan of good sound and buying electronic, photographic or video devices to store them in his storage room. If it were up to him, the day would take 45 hours and 3 more to hit the gym and become a super athlete. Change hairstyle every 15 days.


Post production He is known as the resource boy. He is able to leave the house in full montage of the chapter to record more shots because he never considers that there are enough. If you see a guy in a green coat and a yellow wool hat, yes, it is him, and if you panic because you think something has been lost: quiet, you probably have it stored in a pocket but you are not aware.

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