The Toasty Feet Review as Seen on TV


Toasty Feet are As Seen on TV slippers designed to warm up in the microwave. They claim to be able to relieve stress and create a calming experience. Lightly scented, these slippers are user-friendly by being able to be thrown in the washer.

Do they work?

Are they worth the money?

Not being a slippers guy, I asked my wife to test them out. She is the perfect candidate for these things. Since she is about to pop our kiddo out any day now, she appreciates every bit of comfort that comes her way. Out of the box, the slippers do have a light lavender scent. They have a soft material and feel like a comfy bean-bag slipper. She microwaved the slippers for 1 minute as suggested by the directions, and then slipped them on.

Her first reaction was that she loved them. They really did keep the heat and were comfy when hanging out on the couch and on the bed. She had a great smile as her feet were finally warm. One small note is that she would have microwaved them a little longer to get them warmer.

I’ll stop right now and say that after having been woken up to icicles of her feet touching me in the middle of the night, I couldn’t recommend this product more highly! But since they are indeed slippers, we gave them a walking test.

Sarah will be the first to admit that at 9 months pregnant, she doesn’t have the best balance in the world. However, she was really struggling in the Toasty Feet Slippers. She was trying to describe them as walking in super coarse sand where pebbles dig into your feet and hurt. She was not impressed with them from a walking perspective and was bummed they didn’t feel good walking.

Overall, we both had a mostly positive reaction to Toasty Feet. If you are looking for a product to keep your feet warm, we both think you should pick some up right now! If you want a slipper to wake up and lounge around, where you walk around, then maybe these aren’t necessarily for you.

But let’s all be honest here, how often do you really walk around when you are ready to crash? Maybe you will have a different reaction to them than we did. Hey, it’s worth a shot testing them out on your own!

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