The Reaching New Heights in Safety With Painting


Some homes are just too tall to paint safely.  Over the years you have learned that putting my painters over 2 stories to paint exterior is too risky.  When painting and doing replacement of rotten wood 3 stories up, it is too risky and too time-consuming to go up and down ladders.  We need a lift and a basket which can go up and down safely.

The home profiled in this thing is in Country Club Hills in North Arlington next to the Washington Country Club.  Laura called us last fall for an estimate to paint the home’s exterior.  The challenge was not the painting but rather the safety logistics.  Laura’s home is built on a hill!  Tall homes on hills are a logistical challenge.

Years ago I would have declined the job because I had not discovered these 60’ lifts. I remember declining a similar job in Clifton with a tall house on a hillside.

Lifts do have their limitations.  They need a flat solid base because they are very heavy.  In order to extend a buck 60’ up, you need a very heavy stable 4 wheel drive anchor.

Historically these lifts are made for commercial jobs because commercial buildings usually have asphalt around most sides of the building to act as a stable base.  Laura’s home was not accessible on the right side and rear with the lift so we used ladders there.

You were able to paint the front of the home safely by parking the lift on the street.   The left side of the house was another challenge because the gable was too high up and too far out to use the 60’ boom from the street.

Byron, my Lead Painter very skillfully drove the lift up the driveway when the boom was collapsed.  He leveled out the machine on one tire with multiple 2” x 12” boards.  A creative solution with no help from the boss!

There was an incident at the Chantilly National Country Club years ago when a painter tried to drive the lift with the bucket still extended up in the air.  The lift tipped over and killed the painter. Today these lifts travel so slowly that any painter can learn to drive them easily.  The bucket also moves slowly so one can avoid any high electrical power lines.

With safety harnesses and careful maneuvering and placement, this was able to successfully paint this home. You can also save time that would have been spent climbing up and down ladders in the front and left side of the home.  In this particular case, ‘safe painting’ turned out to be ‘smart painting’!

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