The Best Multi-effects Pedals in Music


For a budding Guitarist or Bassist, the world of effects pedals may seem daunting or confusing. Or, perhaps you’re an experienced musician and the ‘need’ for effects pedals has never seemed apparent.

The interest and over-saturation of the guitar pedal market have seen the range of effects pedals and brands grow to a seemingly excessive amount. The more options the better, right? For some this might be the case, however, with more choice can greater confusion.

Additionally, pedals don’t come cheap, and it’s difficult to know which types you might have use for. After all, if you’ve never used them, how would you? Of course, you can search through YouTube and get an idea of how certain effects alter your signal, but it’s not the same as having hands-on experience.

Multi-effects pedals provide a great service to those new to the world of guitars, someone looking to simplify their rig or an individual who is looking for a variety of sounds at a convenient price point.

At Somerset Music, we stock the ‘Zoom’ range of Multi-effects, catering from the beginner to someone looking for a more detailed-sounding, all-in-one, setup.

If you’re looking to try a myriad of effects for a budget price it’s hard to go past the Zoom G1on, or for the Bassist, the B3on, coming in the music market with the added expression pedal (pictured right). The G1on offers 100 guitar effects, up to 5 of which can be used simultaneously.

Additionally, there are 68 built-in rhythm accompaniment patterns to jam along to. It’s also worth noting the inclusion of a Lopper, which allows for up to 30 seconds of looping, and a Chromatic tuner to ensure your playing is in-tune.

If you’re looking for greater build quality, flexibility, and ease of use, the Zoom G3N and G5N may be more appealing for your needs.

The G3n (pictured bottom left) features and 80-second Lopper, and a more intuitive interface than the smaller G1on the dedicated stompbox buttons make for a more traditional effects pedal experience with a total of 6 footswitches, with the LED screens adding to a more fluid experience overall. The G3n also has the added advantage of allowing the user to have up to 7 effects applied simultaneously.

With the G3n and G5n, you also have the ability to bypass using an amplifier and go straight into a P.A. system or mixing desk, with the dual output jacks and the onboard speaker simulation technology. The G3n is available in the market, with the option of the expression pedal with good effect (G3xn)

If you require even greater flexibility for switching between effects on-the-fly the G5n (pictured bottom right) ads yet another dedicated stompbox button and an additional 2 footswitches, with the ability to use up to 9 effects simultaneously. Another fantastic feature that separates the G5n from the more inexpensive models is the ability to use the unit as a USB audio interface for Mac/Windows computers.

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