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Alex Achilles was raised up in Canada by his loving aunt and uncle. His courageous mother at the time went to NYC to find better work in her field and to establish a home. Music was always a great influence and part of home life with Alex.

The area Alex grew up in Canada was called Laval. Laval is a French-speaking suburb of Montreal. Late at night while everyone slept, Alex would listen to Montreal’s diversified radio stations at low volume. Alex’s aunt & uncle could never understand why he was so tired in the mornings until now.

Guess the secrets out…   While the kids in the neighborhood liked Rock bands, such as Def. Leopard, Led Zeppelin, Oozy Osborne, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and Kiss. Alex liked all those bands but really identified with different forms of music like Earth Wind and Fire, Lime, Chaka Khan.

The Jackson’s, George Benson, Donna Summers, Sly, and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Pat Benicar, and David Bowie. During that time, Disco and American pop were taking over the Montreal night scene. Alex who at this point was not even old enough to go to school on his own, already knew he wanted to go out clubbing.

Seeing movies on TV like Saturday Night Fever, Odyssey 2000, Roller Boogie, and Staying Alive, all appealed to Alex. These movies gave young Alex insight on what goes on in a club setting.

He saw people connecting with the music, just like he did while listening to the radio stations late night. At age 8, Alex just knew that he had to be a part of the club scene.  In the mid-80s NYC was going through a music transformation.

Disco was dying out. Rap, R & B, and hip hop were taking over. Alex liked those forms of music as well, however, he really connected with this new form of music called House. House Music was being played only at NYC underground clubs, like Paradise Garage, the Loft, Arial, Palladium, M K’s and Roxy’s (where he danced roller-skated on Sundays).

Besides his passion for music, Alex had another passion, basketball which he played at the University of Binghamton. This is where Alex got his first taste in the DJ arena due to his college roommates Ralph, Rodney, and John. They were all DJ’s and when they were not home, Alex would experiment with their equipment.

What really got Alex hooked on House was his first trip to The Palladium, where the huge speakers belted out the sweet earth-quaking sound of House, which enveloped the entire club. Also present was an assortment of flashing lights, strobe and the dancers on top of the speakers that kept the energy level on the dance floor at its peak.

That first experience was euphoric to Alex. From that moment on you couldn’t keep him out of the NYC club scene. while clubbing at the legendary Sound Factory he befriended two established professional DJs, Danny “Buddha” Morales and Cleveland Skiers. This union was a changing point in Alex’s DJing career.

He got an inside view of the Club music scene & what needs to happen to have a successful enjoyable night for all. Alex was blessed with a wonderful daughter. Once she was born, Alex had no desire to go out clubbing; he wanted to be home with his child to raise her.

Still longing for the nightlife Alex started Ding at home, while his daughter slept. Pretty soon other parents who had kids of there own but could not go out started coming over to hear Alex spin. His home soon became known as “Club Romper Room” Since then behind the scenes, Alex has been one of House music’s most dedicated ambassadors, spreading his deep House sounds any way he can.

As a Dj, you have this symbiotic connection with the people you play for. Watching them expose their emotions, release, and express themselves through dance while enjoying your music is truly one of life’s special happenings.

House music has the ability to unify people of all backgrounds. Unification and acceptance of one another are of the utmost importance for we are all one with each other and the cosmos.

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