All-time the Best Romance Movies That You Just Love It


I’ve always been a huge movie buff. I like a variety of movies, but I’ve always been partial to romance movies.

To be honest with you, I’ve probably seen more romance movies than the average person. Here is my list of the best romance movies:

A Walk to Remember

This is a coming-of-age movie based on the book by the famous romance author Nicholas Sparks. It stars Mandy Moore, as Jamie Sullivan, a deeply religious high school teen who is ostracized by her class for dressing in non-fashionable, conservative clothes.

When she appears in a play looking beautiful and singing with her lovely voice, Landon Carter, played by Shane West, falls in love with her. But all is not well for Jamie, and Landon soon finds out.

Pretty Woman

This 20th-century romantic comedy stars Julia Roberts as the prostitute Vivian Ward and Richard Gere as the rich Edward Lewis. This isn’t just a story of a rich guy who picks up a prostitute. There’s so much more to this special movie.

The Notebook

Here is a romantic drama based on another one of the books by Nicholas Sparks. It stars Rachel McAdams as the rich Allie Hamilton, and the not so rich Noah Calhoun played by Ryan Gosling. It is the story of what happens when a woman follows her heart.

Dirty Dancing

This movie is a romantic drama that takes place at a resort. It stars Patrick Swayze as the dance teacher Johnny Castle. Jennifer Grey who plays a girl by the name of Baby is one of his students. We watch how Baby grows into a fabulous dancer and from a child into a woman in love.


This blockbuster of a romantic disaster film, based on the historical sinking of the Titanic cruise ship stars Leonardo Vicario as Jack Dawson he’s an artist with no money. Kate Wins let play the wealthy young Rose DeWitt Beater. In addition to the tragedy that became of the Titanic and many of its passengers, when Rose meets Jack, her life changes in an even greater way.

If you like romantic movies, or if you’ve never seen these, give one or all of these five movies a try. Go for a movie such as When Harry Met Sally if you want laughs. If you’d prefer a drama scenario, don’t miss a movie such as Titanic.

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