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A Beautiful Range of Calibration Tools With a Friendly and Elegant User Interface

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A beautiful range of calibration tools

The user interface is friendly and rather elegant. It can immediately select one of the five preset picture modes for a home installation: Movie, Dynamic, Standard, Games, and AutoView. With the AutoView mode, the TV automatically adjusts its settings to the ambient lighting conditions but also the type of broadcast content. Useful for those who do not want to take the lead with the settings and environmental activists.
For all others, there are adjustable parameters with classical, and more, the now traditional function Color Management 3D allows to sharpen the primary and secondary colors, each acting for her on the hue, saturation, and brightness. The operation is far from obvious, it takes time, but once mastered, the image is spot on.

A picture Blu-ray very convincing

In terms of pure video performance, the 42XV625D honors its small price. Once the image is properly calibrated (you must forget the factory settings!), This small LCD TV Toshiba worked wonders and just tease the field of quality items sold much more expensive.
Whether on Iron Man or Indiana Jones 4 Blu-ray, the image appears with great relief. The level of detail is good, well-balanced colors, the excellent black level, contrast, and glare although small effects of pumping lights appear, even if stability is optimal 24p, rendering is damn fun. Recall that the unit is sold less than ~ 1,000.00 USD!

Devolo Air TV

The Air TV Devolo connects PC and TV with USB … wireless, Devolo deviates from his specialty, the CPL, and proposes a system of audio/video connections between a wireless PC and TV.

Mainly connected to the PLC, Devolo attempts to broaden its activity in the filmless, with the Air TV. This device consists of two USB 2.0 and a base with an HDMI 1.2a, VGA (D-Sub), and audio (3.5mm). The system is not a conventional wireless media gateway, but a true wireless connection that provides physically connects your PC to the TV.

No Full HD

The set is in fact recognized by the PC (or Mac) as a video card and sound card further, but the wireless link is to compress video and audio signals with limited bandwidth. As a result, the display on television is limited to a definition of 1400 x 1050 pixels (32-bit color), which you can draw a fine picture very nice, but not 1080p (1920 x1080 pixels). The audio is also limited to the stereo 16-bit and 48 kHz.The transmission range is advertised at 10 meters on a spectrum of frequencies from 3.168 to 4.752 GHz (WiMedia 1), with a 128-bit AES encryption.

The Air TV weighs 212 grams and consumes 5 watts, it is available and announced at a price of 190 $ with a warranty of three years.

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