The Phoenix Area Alternative Music Shows

Good Monday morning to yeah!  I certainly hope you’ve managed to dodge the raindrops…or maybe you threw on your boots and went puddle splashing!  But if you didn’t dance in the rain, maybe you’d prefer dancing to the fantastic array of bands heading through town this week.

First up, on Thursday, January 31st, Roger Cline & the Peacemakers will open for Dyers Bentley at The Bird’s Nest.  6 pm.  Yes, it’s that time of year.  The golfers and their fans are taking over, descending upon TPC Scottsdale, and will be in for a treat with the entertainment this year.  And did you know the Phoenix Open is free to law enforcement officers, firefighters, and military personnel?  The Bird’s Nest is always great fun, so head on out!

Then on Friday night, February 1st, O.A.R. will take their turn rocking’ The Bird’s Nest.  6 pm.  They are another great live band, so if you’re already at the tournament, you won’t want to miss this show!

Not in the mood for that large size crowd?  Over in old town Scottsdale, Reactions with guests Radio Drive-By, The Secrets We Keep, Eclipses for Eyes, Jasper Drive and Pull the Anchors play the Martini Ranch.   Stay even later at the Ranch and catch Warsaw Poland Bros with the 2Tone Lizard Kings shaking’ the night away Martini Ranch.  Their show begins.  Ski at its finest!

But if you’re looking for an intimate show and were lucky enough to score tickets to the sold-out show, Augustan (Acoustic) with Lauren Sera will be over at The Crescent Ballroom.  Having seen Augustan years back when they played out at Ashley Home Pavilion, I’d say your ticket holders are in for a great night as well!

Saturday night, February 2nd, support your local music scene by checking out Mergence, IAMWE, The Shakers, Sara Robinson & The Midnight Special, The Wiley One, Palms, and Jared & The Mill at the TMI SXSW Showcase in Tempe at the Sail Inn.

This is another show in the series of fundraiser nights to send these talented local artists to the SXSW Showcase in Austin, TX.  They can’t do it alone and need your help, so go enjoy a night of great music for a good cause!

Of course, if you are more in a ska/reggae/punk mood, head to Scottsdale and see Mike Pinto with guests The Hourglass Cats and Mob VS Ballot Box playing at Martini Ranch.  The Hourglass Cats never disappoint and are worth the price of admission alone!

Of course, there are always more additions to the calendar throughout the week, so keep updated by watching my Facebook page for more information or checking back here to see the calendar.  Enjoy your week and remember to support your local music scene!


The Best DJ Alex-house Sanctuary Music

Alex Achilles was raised up in Canada by his loving aunt and uncle. His courageous mother at the time went to NYC to find better work in her field and to establish a home. Music was always a great influence and part of home life with Alex.

The area Alex grew up in Canada was called Laval. Laval is a French-speaking suburb of Montreal. Late at night while everyone slept, Alex would listen to Montreal’s diversified radio stations at low volume. Alex’s aunt & uncle could never understand why he was so tired in the mornings until now.

Guess the secrets out…   While the kids in the neighborhood liked Rock bands, such as Def. Leopard, Led Zeppelin, Oozy Osborne, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and Kiss. Alex liked all those bands but really identified with different forms of music like Earth Wind and Fire, Lime, Chaka Khan.

The Jackson’s, George Benson, Donna Summers, Sly, and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Pat Benicar, and David Bowie. During that time, Disco and American pop were taking over the Montreal night scene. Alex who at this point was not even old enough to go to school on his own, already knew he wanted to go out clubbing.

Seeing movies on TV like Saturday Night Fever, Odyssey 2000, Roller Boogie, and Staying Alive, all appealed to Alex. These movies gave young Alex insight on what goes on in a club setting.

He saw people connecting with the music, just like he did while listening to the radio stations late night. At age 8, Alex just knew that he had to be a part of the club scene.  In the mid-80s NYC was going through a music transformation.

Disco was dying out. Rap, R & B, and hip hop were taking over. Alex liked those forms of music as well, however, he really connected with this new form of music called House. House Music was being played only at NYC underground clubs, like Paradise Garage, the Loft, Arial, Palladium, M K’s and Roxy’s (where he danced roller-skated on Sundays).

Besides his passion for music, Alex had another passion, basketball which he played at the University of Binghamton. This is where Alex got his first taste in the DJ arena due to his college roommates Ralph, Rodney, and John. They were all DJ’s and when they were not home, Alex would experiment with their equipment.

What really got Alex hooked on House was his first trip to The Palladium, where the huge speakers belted out the sweet earth-quaking sound of House, which enveloped the entire club. Also present was an assortment of flashing lights, strobe and the dancers on top of the speakers that kept the energy level on the dance floor at its peak.

That first experience was euphoric to Alex. From that moment on you couldn’t keep him out of the NYC club scene. while clubbing at the legendary Sound Factory he befriended two established professional DJs, Danny “Buddha” Morales and Cleveland Skiers. This union was a changing point in Alex’s DJing career.

He got an inside view of the Club music scene & what needs to happen to have a successful enjoyable night for all. Alex was blessed with a wonderful daughter. Once she was born, Alex had no desire to go out clubbing; he wanted to be home with his child to raise her.

Still longing for the nightlife Alex started Ding at home, while his daughter slept. Pretty soon other parents who had kids of there own but could not go out started coming over to hear Alex spin. His home soon became known as “Club Romper Room” Since then behind the scenes, Alex has been one of House music’s most dedicated ambassadors, spreading his deep House sounds any way he can.

As a Dj, you have this symbiotic connection with the people you play for. Watching them expose their emotions, release, and express themselves through dance while enjoying your music is truly one of life’s special happenings.

House music has the ability to unify people of all backgrounds. Unification and acceptance of one another are of the utmost importance for we are all one with each other and the cosmos.


All-time the Best Romance Movies That You Just Love It

I’ve always been a huge movie buff. I like a variety of movies, but I’ve always been partial to romance movies.

To be honest with you, I’ve probably seen more romance movies than the average person. Here is my list of the best romance movies:

A Walk to Remember

This is a coming-of-age movie based on the book by the famous romance author Nicholas Sparks. It stars Mandy Moore, as Jamie Sullivan, a deeply religious high school teen who is ostracized by her class for dressing in non-fashionable, conservative clothes.

When she appears in a play looking beautiful and singing with her lovely voice, Landon Carter, played by Shane West, falls in love with her. But all is not well for Jamie, and Landon soon finds out.

Pretty Woman

This 20th-century romantic comedy stars Julia Roberts as the prostitute Vivian Ward and Richard Gere as the rich Edward Lewis. This isn’t just a story of a rich guy who picks up a prostitute. There’s so much more to this special movie.

The Notebook

Here is a romantic drama based on another one of the books by Nicholas Sparks. It stars Rachel McAdams as the rich Allie Hamilton, and the not so rich Noah Calhoun played by Ryan Gosling. It is the story of what happens when a woman follows her heart.

Dirty Dancing

This movie is a romantic drama that takes place at a resort. It stars Patrick Swayze as the dance teacher Johnny Castle. Jennifer Grey who plays a girl by the name of Baby is one of his students. We watch how Baby grows into a fabulous dancer and from a child into a woman in love.


This blockbuster of a romantic disaster film, based on the historical sinking of the Titanic cruise ship stars Leonardo Vicario as Jack Dawson he’s an artist with no money. Kate Wins let play the wealthy young Rose DeWitt Beater. In addition to the tragedy that became of the Titanic and many of its passengers, when Rose meets Jack, her life changes in an even greater way.

If you like romantic movies, or if you’ve never seen these, give one or all of these five movies a try. Go for a movie such as When Harry Met Sally if you want laughs. If you’d prefer a drama scenario, don’t miss a movie such as Titanic.


The Best Horror Movies That Must See

The best horror movies are a must-see for any real fan of the genre. Many moviegoers miss out on these films while they’re in theaters. Luckily, horror movies happen to be just as good in the living room. The horror genre has its flaws, like any other genre.

Many movies in this genre have week actors, terrible plots, and low budgets. The five exceptions to this rule make up for all of that. The top five horror movie every horror fan that’s sick of poor acting and terrible plots should see is listed below.

The Shining

A classic certainly belongs in the first spot available. The shining has drawn people into movie stores, or nowadays Netflix, sense. In the shining, a family heads to an isolated home for a winter vacation. In the hotel lies an evil presence that forces the father to commit horrible acts. The son is psychic and has disturbing visions.

Hocus Pocus

A horror movie doesn’t always have to be so terrifying that it’s inappropriate to watch with the kids. This is an interesting choice on a Halloween night when the kids get sick of trick or treating and just want to watch a movie. It’s a spooky story about two teenagers, and a girl, who fight to silence three evil witches, that were resurrected Halloween night.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

No one’s ever said that a horror movie can’t have a muscle aspect. Sweeney Todd has managed to keep itself in the memories of its viewers for being terrifying, as well as toe-tapping. The plot of this movie involves London, and people being unknowingly fed human flesh.

The Conjuring

This terrifying masterpiece drew in the ski/fi and horror crowd in the summer. The horror involved in this movie comes from a classic theme of a haunted house. There is also a mystery aspect, and a lot of suspense, as it involves the work of two paranormal investigators to rid an old farmhouse of a dark presence that’s terrorizing the family within. Will they succeed?

The Exorcist

This title only deserves a spot on the list because of its ability to scare a more innocent audience. The viewers of today might be scared by a possessed teenage girl, but this shocked its way into being a classic at the time of its conception.

Get the time to check out all these horror movies, and look up all the other great ones you have been missing. Finding a decent horror movie isn’t hard to find when you read other reviews.


The Top Action Movies and Where to Watch

Do you love to watch movies?

Do you especially love action movies?

If so, you might be interested in watching movies online. Because of the advances in technology in recent years, there are now tons of different ways to watch top action movies online. Below we will discuss some of the top ways to watch the best action movies online.

Top Ways to Watch Action Movies Online:


Internet is easily one of the best streaming on-demand websites to watch action movies on. The reason, the internet now has the ability to stream videos in ultra HD. This means that you are going to be able to maximize the output on your new 4K television. However, if you do not have super-fast Internet or a 4K television, you are going to still love the internet.

Because the internet has been around for a long time, they have figured out how to minimize the minimum bandwidth requirements more so than any other streaming provider. Therefore, you will be able to stream in decent quality with as little as 0.5 Megabits per second internet costs as little and per month for Ultra HD quality.

Movies Instant

The instant is another excellent option for anyone that wants to stream action movies online. The reason why these movies are such a good option is that you can generally find a lot of the same content that you can find on the internet.

All you need in order to be able to utilize the best movie site Instant is an on the internet movies. In Prime Peoples regularly see these movies in all year. Therefore, it is cheaper on a month per month basis than the internet.

The main content that you will miss on the internet is the exclusive movie releases. However, It has managed to secure a huge deal with HBO and now consumers can stream a ton of different HBO content via their on the internet best movies site.


VUDU is another great option for streaming new releases on the Internet. You can generally find new releases the day they come out on DVD on this service. This service is actually provided by Wall-Mart so if your Wall-Mart account is linked with your VUDU account, if you purchase a movie in-store at Wall-Mart, it will automatically show up in your instant streaming collection. You can also download movies at will. Therefore, you can catch up on all of the top action movies as they come out on DVD and Blue Ray.


Top 5 Comedy Movies of All Time

Many comedies out there while they tickle your funny bone don’t exactly make the grade when it comes to being the best comedy movies of all time. If you are searching for the perfect comedy to make you laugh, then you will want to check out the top five comedies of all time below.


This movie starred three of the funniest men on the silver screen. The movie centers around three parapsychology professors that have recently been laid off from their jobs. The movie follows them as they decide to become Ghostbusters who are going to rid the city of everything from marshmallow men to witches and demons.

Raising Arizona

This movie starring the incomparable Nicholas Cage follows the life of a childless couple that decides to kidnap one of the quintuplets of another family. Nicholas Cage is funny as usual, as the couple gets more than they bargained for with the child they decide to rise as their own.

Father of the Bride 2

Steve Martin is his hilarious self in the sequel to the “Father of the Bride.” In this movie, little Kimberly is having a baby of her own. While George Banks isn’t thrilled with the idea of being a grandfather, he is doubly shocked when he finds out that his wife is going to have a baby as well. What ensue are heartfelt comedies that will not only make you laugh but often make you cry as well.

The Hangover

If you want a little lewdness with your comedy, then you can’t miss this movie “The Hang Over,” starring Zach Gale finalist. The story follows three buddies who wake up with major hangovers after a bachelor party.

The party was held in Las Vegas, the three men have no idea what happened, and one of them is actually missing. This means that they have some unhappy wives and a ton of laughs as they try to retrieve their missing friends and keep the secret as well.

Grown Ups

Adam Sandler is at his funniest in this adult movie about friends who grew up together, but never really became adults at all. The men get together at the funeral of their old basketball coach and quickly fall into their childhood habits once again. The results are so funny; you will be rolling on the floor with laughter.

These are the top five comedies of all time, as we know them. From the hilarity of “Grown Ups” to the whimsical comedy of “Father of the Bride 2,” you can be sure that these comedies will be fun to watch for years to come.


How to Watch Free Movies on the Internet

It’s not hard to watch movies for free on the Internet. When you first get started, you’ll have a little trouble at first but once you find a good site for movies it’s simple. Here are some tips that will get you started.

Don’t just look up a movie and try to stream it for free anywhere online you can. This is something that may be against the law where you live. Just because you can find something online doesn’t mean that it’s something you should be accessing.

Look up the laws in your country and you can see what can be done legally, but generally, you’ll want to stick to movies you know are free and aren’t branding new. Most legitimate sites where you can watch movies will make you pay to see them or you’ll just be able to watch old free domain kinds of movies.

When it comes to making sure you have a good service to watch movies with, make sure you’re going with one that you pay for and that is well-reviewed. When you are streaming movies from a paid service that you pay money for, if the videos are slow or if there are other problems like the quality, you are wasting your money.

This is because there are great services out there that rival traditional TV and they don’t cost that much at all. Look around for some reviews before paying money to see a website and you’ll be fine.

When you’re getting a movie streamed to your home you may want to make sure that you are letting it load all the way or a lot of the way before starting it. If you keep getting signals that you need to wait for it to buffer, that’s a sign you’re using the Internet that’s too slow or that the service is just being bogged down.

Try to restart your computer if it’s getting to a point where you can barely load anything or just make sure you leave the video paused long enough to load a lot before attempting to watch.

Now you are able to see what it takes for you to watch movies online for free. It’s a great way to spend your time and generally costs much less than watching movies in any other way. Just be sure you do this legally and you’ll be fine in the end.


The Best Entertainment Game Guild Wars 2 General Information

Arena Net released Guild Wars 2 Like the original Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 has no subscription fees but does have a cash shop with mostly novelty items and account upgrades. Guild Wars 2 will also be supported by major expansions like the original Guild Wars, but it was stated in the official Guild Wars 2 forums that a majority of content will be released for free also.

Guild Wars 2 gameplay

Like the original, Guild Wars 2 only lets you use a limited number of your skills at any given time, called builds. The main difference this time is that many of these skills are tied to weapons. You can have 2 weapon sets and can swap between them in combat.

The only exception to this is Element lists, they can only use one weapon set in combat, but can change between the 4 elements instead. Another thing that sets Guild Wars 2 apart from other MMO’s is the removal of the Trinity. For the most part, there are no tanks or healers, everyone is a DPS. You get 5 weapon skills, a healing skill, 3 utilities, and elite. This forces players to play smarter, instead of relying on others to keep them alive.

Guild Wars 2 PVE

In PVE, Guild Wars 2 gets rid of the traditional questing that most MMO’s have, and replaces it with dynamic events and solo stories. You can do solo stories with your party, but only the player on the quest will get experience and gold for completing it.

The dynamic events are events that happen every so often in an area that everyone can complete without being in a group. They will be something like killing a number of a mob, collect something, or kill a boss. You get experience, gold, and karma, which is used to buy armor, weapons, and accessories.

The best part of Guild Wars 2 PVE is you can play with friends regardless of levels. If, for example, you are level 40 and want to play with a friend who just started, you will automatically become level 6 when you enter the starting area. You keep your equipment and skills, but their effectiveness is as if you are at the lower level.

Guild Wars 2 PVP

Guild Wars 2 PVP is similar to other MMO’s and the original, however, everyone is maxed level. There are currently 3 types of PVP available, random structured, and tournament.

In World vs. World vs. World, your server is pitted against 2 other servers in world pop for a 2 week-long battle.  Each server will have a home, but the other 2 servers can come to your home base and take your buildings. There is also the main battlefield. Like dynamic events, you don’t need to be grouped up to get credit.


The Best Entertainment News in the Film World

The concept of pregnancy fashion has not always existed in women’s mentality and fashion, it can be said that such fashion did not exist. Not one of the mothers remembers the times when during nine months of the pregnancy she had to struggle with her clothes every day to look at least a bit like a human, to feel a bit like a woman, not a fat man.

Whether maternity pants or other clothing, each of them looked the same, loose, large, tent or baggy, and the woman in everything felt just fat.

Today, of course, there are also maternity pants that a woman can buy for the entire pregnancy, but these are not only traditional tracksuits and huge dungarees, but also elegant and fitted pregnancy pants that are suitable for going out with friends, for work, and for the elegant and sumptuous occasional party.

It is known that pregnancy is a huge belly and many kilograms are here that you have to cover up somehow, the former maternity clothing did not cover-up, but it still thickened a pregnant woman.

Only for several years, maternity clothing, and thus also maternity pants are cut to size, suited to the growing belly, so that a woman can actually feel comfortable and comfortable, but on the other hand, she also feels attractive and knows that she looks beautiful.

The last few years are a period when children’s toys change amazingly. There are more and more new themes of toys that are supposed to make children interested in something else and their life will focus on new toys.

To such a series which has gained immense popularity, among others, Monster High toys. These are extremely specific toys, which do not fit well with the traditional concept of toys.

The spooky Monster High monsters, although they are not associated with toys at first glance, have gained unusually many followers in America, where usually all innovative levels become very popular. It was similar to a series of ghostly toys, which from small dolls evolved into a great collection of various products.

At the moment, the subject of Monster High is already appearing on teddy bears, dolls and school gadgets. In addition, books with this fairy tale are also published and numerous films are created.

We have now three series of this fairy tale in the form of a movie. This subject is still extremely popular and it can be expected that in the coming months also collections of ghostly toys will be expanded with new products. In Poland, despite the initial reluctance, more and more stores are beginning to appear that offer these products and it can be assumed that their number will grow further in the coming months.


Another Best Way for Entertainment is Baseball 42

Jackie Robinson, the man who shattered the racial barrier in professional baseball. His life and actions inside the foul lines served as a landmark in the struggle for racial equality in America. The film “42” is the most recent effort to portray the life of this true American hero.

The film is narrated from the perspective of Wendell Smith (Andre Holland), a sportswriter who traveled with Robinson. Smith’s narration serves to frame the historical significance of Robinson’s actions to the audience. Newcomer Chadwick Bose man provides a compelling portrayal of Robinson, shining in several key scenes.

One scene, in particular, stood out to me, in which Robinson retreats into the tunnel and releases the pain and anger caused by a loudmouthed opponent. The supporting cast is very capable, led by Harrison Ford as the cigar-chewing team owner.

There is no attempt to hide the fact that this film is a biopic aimed at a family audience. The cinematography is largely marked by very conventional camera work with few added flourishes. This film follows many of the standard clichés that are expected of this genre.

These clichés include one-dimensional characters with very little character development along with a number of jokes and one-liners that seem to be included for the sole reason of keeping the attention of those with short attention spans. I found this to be distracting from the narrative and out of sync with the more somber issues of racism that were the main focus of the film.

There were some scenes that are particularly well-crafted, however. One of my favorites involves a manager explaining away his racist actions to his owner by arguing that he treats all races the same, that it’s all in fun, and they laugh it off.

The camera cuts to Jackie Robinson alone in the shower leaning against the wall with pain and sadness in his eyes. It’s a nice touch, juxtaposing the manager’s words with their true impact on Robinson.

The game of baseball is fairly well represented, with close-ups emphasizing nuances such as the catcher’s signs, the pitcher’s grip on the ball, and the batter digging his spikes into the dirt.

Early in the film, I was afraid that it was going to follow the pattern of most sports movies by simplifying the action by only portraying big events such as hitting home runs or stealing home, which does not comprise the bulk of a typical baseball game.

In general, I dislike sports movies for this very reason (and don’t even get me started on the portrayal of poker in the film), but over the course of this film, the various aspects of a baseball game were well-represented. The cast gave a believable effort in the action scenes. Bozeman is reported to have trained in the fundamentals of baseball for five months and looks fairly natural as a baseball player.

To the director’s credit, this film does not shy away from portraying the ugly consequences of racism and the depths humans can reach when motivated by prejudice. There is one scene in particular where Alan Tidy’s character, an opposing manager, spews vile comments towards Robinson for several minutes of screen time.

Tidy delivers the lines with brilliantly, to the point that I felt uncomfortable listening to it. I think it was important to keep that same intensity as was surely present back in 1947. To soften the racist sentiments would be to misrepresent the obstacles that Jackie Robinson faced.